My Book 😉

Hello together, today a very good message 😀… my book is now finished. Now the tuning is made, of course by my wife Kathrin Rotersand then it will be presented to the publishers 😀😀…. I’m really excited 😜, since the book already CA. 80 pages has in A4 😀… of course many photos have to be new and I decided that I will only take good friends as models and although various 😀 as a thank you for help in recent months. Specifically I want to thank lothar schuster and Ingo Hoppe who helped me with this textbook a lot and have read and tested a lot of correction that I don’t forget or double 😉 because this topic is really very extensive and Many who know me and also know from what stable I come and what tactical (shooting and practices) religion I belong, can imagine I had to be really braked 😉. I’m looking forward to the photoshoot what will follow soon 😀😀😀

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