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After years of development by myself and buying a lots of Ghillie Suits and Hoods from arround the world, I finally found a suitable solution for infantry sniper and observation operation or tactical law enforcement sniper observation suit or by civilian hunting or nature watcher etc. It is intended for units that carry out reconnaissance or low profile guarding of restricted government or military areas / barrecks / facility’s at home and in war zones. This Maritime Low-Profil Observation Suit (MLPO Suit) is of course based of the various of Sniper Ghillie Suit / Sniper Hooded but I think we change a lot‘s of details. Manufacturing and Distribution will go exclusive by Warfare Frog 779 | www.warfarefrog.com | Official Social Media Platforms „Facebook / Instagram / Twitter“: @WarfareFrog | Official hashtag: #warfarefrog

My important product features

• Special design for maritime operation by using materials who are water-repellent are also lightweight and the entire structure of this concept is done on mesh / nets. Which means that the camouflage uniforms you wear underneath are just as important as the Maritime Low-Profil Observation Suit (MLPO Suit) „Sniper Ghillie Suit / Sniper Hooded“ itself.

• On landing operstion at port or/and beach where martime vehicles with troops and equipment are landing in a conflict / combat zone.

• On low-Profil patrol at high profile security military and government facilities in a conflict / combat zone.

NOTE: To all snipers professionals out there, no it is and should and will never replace tell your Ghilie Suits.

Material and Parts

• Material: Cotton Sleeve + Nylon Mosquito Mesh + • KAM Buckle
• Color: Black/Army green/Brown
• Size: One size
• Weight: 500g

Tactical Applications:

• Low Profil and High Profil (LP/HP) use
• Force Protection (Facility / Barrecks Protection)
• Reconnaissance/Intelligence
• Surveillance
• Forward Observation
• Low Profil Patrol
• High Speed Ambush Operations
• Target Beaconing


One-Size-Fits-Most Adjustable chest tension strap Multiple tension cords throughout for adjustment fit Nylon cord is bar-tacked throughout entire outer shell to accommodate the use of foliage and fiber garnish Ventilation built into sides of hood for ventilation and visual observation Fits overtop most tactical helmets

Package Included:

1 x Maritime Low-Profil Observation Suit (MLPO Suit)


1.The size is manually measured so please allow an error of 0.5-1 cm.
2.There may be a color difference between the picture and the object in due to different monitor.

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