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I love the Carbine XM177E2 / CAR-15

The CAR-15 Commando was not initially part of the CAR-15 Military Weapons System, but was added in 1966 in response to the US military’s desire for a shorter M16 and the Model 607 SMG’s inadequacies. Colt engineer Rob Roy designed a simpler two-position telescoping tubular aluminum buttstock to replace the complicated extending triangular version. The fragile and ad hoc triangular

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New Attack Drone Can Be Fired From 40mm Grenade Launcher

Australian defense technology firm DefendTex has developed a drone munition that can be fired from an M320 handheld grenade launcher, which is sure to increase the lethality of infantry troops in combat. After being fired into the air, the Drone-40 transforms into a hovering quadcopter equipped with a camera that can be fitted with various payloads including high explosive fragmentation, smoke, fuel-air

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What’s Wrong With Iran’s Fake Aircraft Carrier

Iran built a large-scale dummy US Navy aircraft carrier in 2013-14. And then dramatically destroyed it in war games in February 2015. Recently it has been repaired and may be destined for another explosive demonstration soon. H I Sutton looks in details at Iran’s fake aircraft carrier and explains why it makes no realistic sense.Iran built a large-scale dummy US

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