After my military service, I specialized in the development and design and consulting of various tactical and other armament products and have done so for many years today I’m slow down about health.

Today I try to design a lot more or to write (of fun at the joy) to support other people like eg. veterans and other active military and law enforcement officers. I remain the entire industry and the military and tactical endeavor here as long as it takes my body join in. Of course, I also try to advise my wife to the side of my company I have taken over then in round has to guide them.

Why do you find me and my wifeand myself no photos on the net? That is because I still have too many “friends” in countries where you normally do not holidays, that would like to know how I look today or if I’m the one with the names together therefore. I hide a bit my face and my identity which of course meanwhile or nowadays extreme luxury is because my wife and I can still lead a certain proportion of private life without being recognized by everyone which is now an advantage for us and we do not want to miss anymore.

What does the name Buddha stand for? The name was given to me at that military time as a recording on the radio, edith and through my hairstyle and all of my appearance and being such a program and now it is more or less my a nickname and has give me a lots of luck in my life.

Political View… Another hint in my own case, a few people tried to push e in the far rights as well as in the far left corner, this unfortunately not possible because I call myself as a liberal-conservative. I would also like to be understood if it goes in this regard misunderstandings please just talk to me and we can clear everything but one thing must be clear my major principle is to support Western Democracy, the protection of the State of Israel and jewish community and NATO and of course the nations and governments of Canada and the United States of America… I LOVE FREEDOM. If you have a problem with my view anyway out of wish side you coming from please leave my page, leave me on all social medias etc don’t contact me we have nothing to talke about it.

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